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Database Migration Wizard for Confluence



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      Suggestion Description

      It has been painful for customers with large dataset to migrate from an external database to another, for example, migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL. The current process consists of taking an XML backup and importing it to an empty instance pointing to the new database and then, after import is done, point the existing instance to the new database. Problem here is that XML Backups for large instances may take days and during these days, new data is being written to the instance, since huge instances can't be turned into read-only instances. It would be a major win for Atlassian customers to have a Migration Wizard Tool to transport data from one database to another through Confluence UI.

      Suggestion Details

      BitBucket is an application that has this implementation and that allows administrators to easily migrate from one external database to another. Process is documented in the Using the Database Migration Wizard BitBucket documentation. As this seems to be an implementation unrelated to the application itself, it may be possible to implement the same solution in other Atlassian applications, like Confluence.

      Suggestion Importance

      Customers with huge datasets usually end up by developing their own solutions when upon the need of migrating to a different database, which turns into a project at their side that has costs and may turn into frustration using our tools. It would be a major win for everyone using Confluence to have this feature.

      BitBucket Wizard Example


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