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Section 508 - Broken skip links



      Skip navigation links exist, but the targets for the links either do not exist or the links are not keyboard accessible.

      An in-page link contains the words "skip" or "jump" and is hidden with CSS display:none or visibility:hidden, or the link has an href attribute that does not match the id value of another element within the page or the name attribute value of an anchor element within the page.

      Broken links on the main dashboard:

      • <a href="#title-heading">Skip to content</a>
      • <a href="#breadcrumbs">Skip to breadcrumbs</a>
      • <a href="#header-menu-bar">Skip to header menu</a>
      • <a href="#navigation">Skip to action menu</a>
      • <a href="#quick-search-query">Skip to quick search</a>

      Why It Matters

      A link to jump over navigation or jump to the main content of the page assists keyboard users only if the link is properly functioning and is keyboard accessible.

      How to Fix It

      Ensure that the target for the link exists and that the link is not hidden with CSS display:none or visibility:hidden.



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