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Service.sh and setenv.bat files set different Java options


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    • 8.0.0
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      The service.bat file that's used for creating the Windows service for Confluence sets different Java options than the setenv.bat file:

      Options in common


      Options set by service.bat


      Options set by setenv.bat


      The START_CONFLUENCE_JAVA_OPTIONS set in setenv.bat is probably not needed in service.bat since it's used for starting Confluence in safe mode, but the ones relating to Synchrony should be included in service.bat.


      We've undertaken some work to improve on this issue in 7.12.0.

      The service.bat file now implements all of the same configurations as the setenv.sh and setenv.bat files, except for

      So with the release of 7.12.0, most of this issue is fixed, but there's some more to go. We additionally want to look at having the service.bat file inherit its configuration from setenv.bat to simplify the process of installing Confluence on Windows.

      Hopefully this helps in the interim.

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