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Move to WYSIWYG editor based on HTML instead of wiki markup. Replace wiki markup mode with HTML editor mode.



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      A customer has requested that we consider moving the Confluence WYSIWYG editor to be based on HTML instead of wiki markup.

      The reasoning behind this is that Confluence's WYSIWYG editor is built upon a HTML based WYSIWYG edtior. A lot of the functionality and potential currently within the WYSIWYG editor component is disable to become WIKI markup compliant. If we were to move to a WYSIWYG editor based on HTML the WYSIWYG editor would therefore be far more capable.

      As part of this wiki markup mode would be complemented or replaced by a HTML editor mode. It would also be nice if you could, at an administration level, flip between WIKI markup and HTML.

      It would be good if you also could switch between these modes (wiki/HTML) on a space or page level and better yet if you could do this as an editing option that appears in EDIT mode.


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