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Do not hide the side bar in edit mode



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      When changing to edit mode the side bar gets hidden. From my experience this is counterproductive:

      • If I want to change at a specific position of a larger page, I lose track of that position while change from view to edit mode – because of the changed width (with/without the side bar) the paragraphs become reformated. At least the text position last shown in the view will be scrolled to automatically in edit mode. But due to the heavy reordering in the paragraphs it's hard to relocate the position which shall be changed…
      • Sometimes while editing I need to look back in some other pages, which's links normally would be shown in the side bar. If the side bar is missing, I have to open a new Confluence tab, go there to the page I am editing, to have the same side bar content, and only then I am able to click the relevant link. If it was still there while editing, a click with the middle mouse button had opened it directly in a new tab. 

      So, please provide an option to keep side bars enabled even while edit mode is active. 


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