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Zero downtime upgrades for Confluence Data Center



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      Atlassian status as of Oct 2021

      We've just shipped the next iteration of this feature in v7.14 - you can find the release notes here.

      This extends our earlier support for Rolling Upgrades on bugfix versions that shipped in v7.9 late last year.

      Upgrading using Rolling Upgrades now allows zero downtime upgrades from one minor version and the next (e.g. 7.14.x -> 7.15.x).
      This is slightly different to Jira, which supports upgrades from one minor version to any other minor version on the same major version, but we've landed this balance to ensure development velocity, while unlocking the ability for customers to truly avoid downtime while upgrading across minor version - even scripting multiple upgrades back to back across multiple minor versions.

      We're closing this feature request now, but feel free to reach out with further feedback

      Original Description:
      Currently it is not possible to upgrade Confluence Data Center with zero downtime, as the cluster never allows nodes with mixed versions.

      If upgrade tasks between versions allow it, it should be possible to upgrade Confluence Data Center one node at a time, so that there is little or no loss of availability during the upgrade process.

      Create feature, similar to JIRA (Upgrading Jira Data Center with zero downtime), that would support zero downtime for upgrades to Confluence Data Centers.


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