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Emoticon is changing to image after the first save and edit of the page



      Emoticons macro is changing to image after the first save and edit of the page.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page and add an emoticon by typing in the keyboard or using the macro menu
      2. Save the page and check the storage format of the page it should look like this
        <p><ac:emoticon ac:name="smile" /></p>
      1. Click on edit the page, don't add any thing and just save again
      2. Check the storage format one more ttime

      Expected Results

      Should be the same

      <p><ac:emoticon ac:name="smile" /></p>

      Actual Results

      It changes into an image

        <img alt="(smile)" border="0" class="emoticon emoticon-smile" src="http://localhost:8090/s/en_GB/7109/b3b701b9e2252507726313c2d8313cd50ef12760/_/images/icons/emoticons/smile.png" title="(smile)"/>

      In Confluence version 6.14.x, this bug changes the source URL from HTTPS to HTTP if Confluence is running behind proxy and SSL.


      1. Disable Collaborative Editing - To avoid the issue from occurring
      2. For Confluence 6.14.x, editing the storage format to point the broken URL from HTTP to HTTPS able to temporarily fix the issue.



      1. This issue leads into a confusion when doing version comparison or when receiving email update about the change because Confluence is detecting an change about the content from macro to an image to it includes into the changes.
        In the screenshot attached you can see that Confluence is considering all emotions being part of the change, but actually only Start was changed to cool and normal to change.
      2. This is not reproducible with Confluence 5.10.x
      3. This could be an issue as emoticons are converted to hard links, and would present an issue when a type of base-URL related migration occurs in the future


      Atlassian update - 7 June 2019

      Hi everyone

      Thank you for your patience as we have been working on the solution for this issue. It has been a complicated one to solve and we wanted to include a few notes on this fix we have shipped in the 6.15.5 release.

      Adding new emoticons (including Hipchat emoticons) to a page: This is now fixed. They will be saved in valid storage format (e.g <ac:emoticon ac:name="smile"/> for standard Confluence emoticons or <ac:hipchat-emoticon ac:shortcut="name"/> for Hipchat emoticons).
      Existing pages with invalid emoticons and collaborative editing turned OFF: Viewing or editing the page will display fixed emoticons. Saving the page will correct the storage format of the broken emoticons.
      Existing pages with invalid emoticons and collaborative editing turned ON: Viewing the page will display fixed emoticons. If there is a current draft with broken emoticons, then the broken emoticons will be displayed once in the editor. On the next save of the page, any invalid emoticons will be fixed.

      For those using Hipchat emoticons, please note:

      If an invalid Hipchat emoticon has the same name as one of the standard Confluence emoticons (such as "smile", "thumbs-up" or "tick"), it will be converted into the corresponding Confluence emoticon once the page is saved.

      For all cases, saving the page will fix the broken emoticons. We explored the possibility of including a front-end editor fix to automatically resolve all of these broken emoticon instances. As it would involve checking every page and have an ongoing performance impact, we decided against doing this. So, if you come across any broken emoticons, please edit and update/publish your page to resolve the problem.

      Thanks again for your understanding.

      Niraj | Senior Development Team Lead, Confluence Server

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