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Edit Restriction is not inherited to child page


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      Atlassian Update - 20 January 2019

      After some analysis, we've found that this ticket is not a bug.
      There is a feature request to implement edit restrictions to be inherited to child page at CONFSERVER-5095 - Page edit permissions should be inherited by pages, like view permissions are. Please cast your vote and watch that issue for further updates.


      When the user set the edit restriction for the parent page. the edit restriction is not inherited to the child pages.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Login in as admin
      2. Create a page and set the edit restriction to only admin can edit.
      3. Create a child page
      4. Log out and login in with user A
      5. view the child page for the page that created in step 2
      6. Click on the edit button

      Expected Result
      The edit button should be disappear

      Actual Result


      Set the restriction for the child page directly.

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