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Provide ability to search within only part of a space


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      I've been experimenting with building an FAQ in Confluence and I've been really happy with how easy it was to do. As an example I started a Confluence community FAQ here:


      I'm now trying to work out how I could add a search box to each page that will search just within that section of the FAQ. I realize that there are a number of special search keywords that could be used to achieve this, but I would like a solution that doesn't require a user to realize that they are in Confluence. This isn't so important for the community FAQ, but I would like to provide this functionality on my company's support site where the users will just expect the search box to work.

      Since my FAQ is built using labels, I figure that a very simple option would be to provide a new macro that would do the heavy lifting for me. Something like:


      would provide a search box that would automatically filter the results to show content with one or other of the specified labels.

      Another possibility which might work for me would be to provide a search box that would filter the results to only include children (or grandchildren etc) of the current page. This seems like it could be useful for a variety of situations where a section of a site is logically self contained. Clearly this could be solved today by making the section into its own space, but that causes different headaches.

      Finally, if this power is available to this macro then it would also be great to expose these search options on the basic search page. In fact, if the macro is a larger project then a good first step would be to make the basic search box allow you to refine your search once you'd done it. So on the search results page show a 'show only results beneath this page' check box and also provide a 'show results only for pages with the following labels' component.

      Sorry for proposing several features in one issue, but I didn't want to make this into multiple issues because it isn't clear to me what is the best design. I'll leave that to you guys... just treat my suggestions as fodder for brainstorming.

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