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Show date range of JIRA versions


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    • Confluence 5.3.4
      JIRA 6.1.4
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      In evaluating Team Calendars for our confluence instance I was very excited to see the option to import JIRA versions into the calendar. I even found a reference to this feature in another improvement https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/TEAMCAL-417 however, when I tied it out it did not work for me.

      What I want to do is using the "Start Date" and "Release Date" in jira for versions have that show up as a range bar in Team Calendars. Today only the Release Date shows up.

      I was told that this can be done via Agile which I tested and found it could do this. In addition to that I found that creating a custom issue type can do the same. However, I pefer and I think it is beneficial to users if there was only one place in JIRA to update a versions dates. In both the Agile and the issue type workaround a user would have to update the dates in more then one location. If this feature were implemented not only would users not "have to" buy Agile but it can be administered in one location in JIRA.

      It seem fairly straight forward that the fields are in JIRA already and the functionality of Team Calendars is there but the option to put these together is lacking.

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