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      I have been wanting a macro for font size since the first time I used Confluence, but being a relative beginner I didn't want to post an issue about it if it had already been addressed. Today I stumbled across this exchange: http://confluence.atlassian.com/spaces/viewthread.action?key=DOC&id=147729 which leads me to believe that it may not have come up in the past.

      The headers macro is helpful for organizing documents via text size, but the headers include additional formatting changes as well (background color, horizontal line, etc.). Though I have no trouble with it, a frequent user complaint that I hear from users (especially those in the over-50 set, who are already difficult to engage in a new technology) is that the font is too small. A simple font size macro that would give users some flexibility who be great.

      Apologies in advance is this is ground already tread...

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