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Ability to create/link events so that if one event changes, it effects the timing of the linked events



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      We would like the ability to create a 'master' event that other events can be linked to. If the 'master' event slips, it will cause the linked 'child' events to recalculate the date based off of the change to the master. It would also be useful if we could just link events and have the same behavior happen if one of the dates moves (it moves the others accordingly).

      From the customer:

      If I set up a calendar and place events on it, is there a way in which I can also create other events that are tied to the end event. Kind of like a project plan where I have a number of dates leading to the end date but all tied together so if one slips they all slip and can be uniformly moved back?

      Yes, if the master slips, all others slip and if any ‘child’ event slip, then the downstream events will slip / push back as well.


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