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Switch "Minor Change" from toggle to button



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      I often tweak and update pages in Confluence. I also often forget to click the 'Minor Change' toggle before saving. It would be a great improvement to switch the 'Minor Change' from a toggle to a button. So at the bottom of the edit page, a user would see something like "Update", "Update and Notify", "Preview" and "Cancel". That way it would be one-click to make minor changes.

      Atlassian Status as of 25 Oct 2010

      Hi All,
      In the last couple of months we actually attempted this solution for the new Confluence editor (4.0). This method failed most of the user tests. Users were confused as to what to press, often asking "where do I save?".

      We discussed the rational behind this change - why do we want this change? The conclusion was that we want to reduce unnecessary notifications, or even more, improve the notifications in Confluence so that you don't get "notification storms". The issue CONF-14485 relates to this, and so does the discussion here.

      It is with this that we have decided we won't be implementing this change. Ultimately, our efforts should go towards solving the real problem - reducing and providing relevant notifications. We do want to do something about this beyond 4.0.


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