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The language pack update is not pick up by Confluence question


      Step to reproduce:

      1. Install Confluence question plugin with the Confluence question French Language pack.
      2. Create a new user and set his default language to French via profile setting
      3. Create a new space and create a new question.
      4. Go the question page via the space side bar.

      Expected behaviour

      The text in the search bar should be "Que voulez-vous savoir à propos de <space name>", as set in the language pack from the file "confluence-questions_fr_FR.properties" :

      cq.searchbox.input.placeholder.space=Que voulez-vous savoir \u00E0 propos de {0}?

      Actual behaviour

      The text in the search bar is showing "Que voulais vous savoir à propos de <space name>" as set in the default translation mapping of the Confluence question plugin.

      cq.searchbox.input.placeholder.space=Que voulais vous savoir \u00E0 propos de {0}?

      which is a wrong translation of the sentence.


      PLEASE READ: As with all recommendations made by Atlassian Support, please follow best practices for Change Management and test and validate these settings in a Test/Development and Staging environment prior to rolling any changes into a Production environment. This is to validate these changes and ensure that they will function well within your infrastructure prior to placing these changes in production.

      For Confluence Questions 2.6.11:

      1. Download confluence-questions-2.6.11.obr (fixed version attached here)
      2. Navigate to > Add-ons
      3. Click Upload add-on
      4. Upload the new obr downloaded in step 1

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