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URLs should be based on pageID instead of pageTitle


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      URLs should be based on pageID instead of pageTitle
      By default, a confluence URL contains the space and page title.
      eg: http://confluence.mydomain.org:8090/display/KEY/Page+Title+Goes+Here
      When the page is renamed or moved to another location, the URL changes.
      This behaviour is not ideal / wanted.

      Actual Behaviour

      When a task is created, or somebody is mentioned, an e-mail notification is sent.
      When a page title or location changes afterward, the e-mail link is broken.
      The same goes of course for bookmarks.
      This is frustrating for people as in a lot of cases, pages are being renamed / moved frequently.

      Expected Behaviour

      Confluence supports URLs based on the fixed page ID, which would overcome the above issue.
      eg; http://confluence.mydomain.org:8090/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=12345
      (if a page title contains non-ascii character, the URL is automatically based on pageID).
      However, I cannot find a way to setup pageID urls by default.

      For manual copy/paste sharing, we promote the "Link to this page" feature.
      Unfortunately, most mail references to confluence are generated by the system.
      What strikes me is that at the bottom of a generated mail, you have the links "view page", "comment" and "like".
      "View page" and "comment" use to the standard link. However "like" uses the pageID link.


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