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synchrony-proxy web app does not work when running Confluence using AMPS and HTTPS


      When using AMPS to run Confluence for Development Synchrony doesn't seem to listen to HTTPS connections. I can go to http://localhost:8095/synchrony/resources/js/vendor/sockjs.min.js just fine, but I need to access confluence via HTTPS in order for it to interoperate with my add-on. Configuring Confluence to listen on HTTPS is quite simple, I just uncomment the https connector (defaults to port 8443) in Tomcat's server.xml. How do I make Synchrony listen on HTTPS?

      To clarify, I'm not using any kind of external proxy. All I do to access confluence via HTTPS is by enabling the connector in tomcat's config file and going to https://dmitry.office.lucidchart.com:8443/confluence


      Looks like the synchrony.proxy.enabled flag is false by default when I create a confluence insance with atlas-debug. I flipped it on and restarted confluence. That didn't seem to have an effect:

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