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Selectbox to allow for expand/collapse of a SECTION when added by "Page Layout"



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      This is very similar to the suggestion - CONF-2803 - that was already added as a feature.

      I would like the ability to select whether an entire section (no matter the column layout) is expandable/collapsible when "Page Layout" section selections are used.

      See attached screenshot for placement - could be a checkbox with text "Make Section Expandable?" to enable/disable section behavior.

      The page layout section/column feature works really well for keeping the 'Edit View' of a page organized, and for simple PDF export formatting. However, on long pages with many separate sections, and multiple section column-layout variations there is no way to expand and collapse one entire (say, 2 or 3-column) section itself.

      To get the same effect, the Expand macro would need to be added to a 'single-column section', encapsulating multiple Column macros each containing the panels (or content) that would naturally display in separate sections (in the 'Edit' page view).

      This becomes important when it would be helpful to collapse (multi-column) sections when viewing a page - but also retain the same visual layout where many team members also are editing content on that page. The whole Expand, Column, Panel/Content formatting makes the Edit view a mess and difficult for some to easily locate content they need to edit!


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