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Slow performance of page properties report macro in later version of Confluence when having a large number of items to display




      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.


      Loading of a page that contains Page Properties Report Macro is considerably slower in the later version of Confluence when having a large number of items to display.
      This is being compared to an earlier version of Confluence, such as the version 5.5.4 where a page that contains Page Properties Report Macro large number of items to display loaded in a matter of seconds.


      • Confluence 5.9.4

      Steps to Reproduce

      Use the sample Space Export
      1. Get this XML space export Confluence-space-export-225313-4.xml.zip
      2. Load the page with the title "PP Report Macro with Number of items to display = 1000" from the xml export
      Or, have a huge number of pages that have a "Page Properties" Macro
      1. Create a page and insert the Page Properties Macro in it
      2. Add simple table
      3. Save the page, and add a distinct label to this page, for example "decisions"
      4. Add 1000 additional pages in this space with the same content and label
      5. Add another page, insert the "Page Properties Report" Macro > Edit this macro > and add the label from step 3. Example, "decisions".

      Expected Results

      Should load in a matter of seconds

      Actual Results

      Page properties report macro shows "Generating page properties report" while loading its content. After a seemingly long time, the page loaded. After a case review the page fully loads after ~6 minutes. Here is the the comparison between Confluence 5.9.4 and 5.5.4:


      1. The loading time could differ from one instance to another. The table above represents the difference between the two versions.
      2. This issue only happens if there are no rich contents in the page report macro, as they will be affected by the following bug instead:


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