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Unable to create subpages with the same name in a space


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      we are seeing this error when trying to create a subpage with the name that already exists in our space.

      The structure of what we are trying to achieve can be explained on the following example:

      Lets say we have a confluence space for tutorials on programming languages. Here we would have a root subpage named Languages, a number of languages and for each of this language a Hello World! tutorial.

      Root Subpages with different names Subpages with same name

      C++ Hello World!

      Languages JavaScript Hello World!

      Python Hello World!

      For this particular problem, it would be meaningful to just rename the Hello World! tutorial to also contain the respectable language name.

      For our problem this does not apply and will look unprofessional.

      Thank you for help, in case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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