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Page Properties Report sorting on column with Status Macro's is incorrect




      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page with a Page Properties Report
      2. Enable sorting for the Page Properties Report on a column which contains Status Macro's
        • Fe.: R | G | O | Y
      3. Enable "Reverse Sort"
        (See screenshot-actual.png)

      Actual Result
      The pages are sorted (propably on color instead of content) like this:

      1. Y
      2. O
      3. O
      4. O
      5. R
      6. R
      7. G
      8. G

      Expected Result
      I expect the pages to be sorted on the status in the following order:

      1. Y
      2. R
      3. R
      4. O
      5. O
      6. O
      7. G
      8. G

      When I manually sort the table (by clicking the column header twice) I get the expected result. (See screenshot-expected.png)
      I've included a space export so it's easier to reproduce.


        1. Confluence-space-export-111307-124.xml.zip
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          Maarten Cautreels Out of Office
        2. screenshot-actual.png
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          Maarten Cautreels Out of Office
        3. screenshot-expected.png
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          Maarten Cautreels Out of Office

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