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Allow selection of multiple users and multiple groups (or both) for page level permissions


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      Page permissions are a very nice addition. More please!
      1) Allow selection of a set of users
      2) Allow selection of a set of groups
      3) Both of the above at the same time
      4) Restrict confluence-administrators from accessing page (see also CONF-1444)

      If someone wants to put more sensitive information in Confluence to be shared with a few others but not others, then it is difficult to do unless there happens to be a group with exactly the right members in it. Otherwise, the data has to go somewhere else defeating the purpose of a central repository. The fact that confluence-administrators can see the data is also a problem. I know CONF-1444 is won't fix, but perhaps there are some alternatives that could give the same result. For instance, can a restricted page be encrypted so that the administrator could not see any meanful data? This would mean it would be encrypted in the backups as well!

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