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Activity report for content a user has been involved with


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      • On that note, it would be nice to have a report (I guess it would be in the
        user's profile) to show pages which the user has been involved in
        which have been recently modified (would also make a good RSS feed).
        ie "Show me pages that I've edited / commented on which someone else
        has modified in the last 7 days".

      Not sure how efficiently we can query all these things - perhaps have
      'association types' in the system that have to be able to get all the
      content that someone is associated with in one SQL query?

      interface UserContentAssociation {
      public Set getContentEntitysAssociatedWithUser(User user,
      DateRange validDates);

      Then you have 'commented', 'edited' association types, which should be
      able to get the desired content objects in one SQL query?

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