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JIRA Issue Macro not showing value for Σ Remaining Estimate


      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.


      Total Remaining Estimate values are not showing in Jira issue macro in Confluence.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Configure applink between JIRA and Confluence
      2. Create a DEMO project in JIRA
      3. Create a sub-task to one of the issue
      4. Add Remaining Estimate value for the parent and sub-task issues
      5. Create a page, add JIRA Issue Macro with filter of project = DEMO
      6. Include Σ Remaining Estimate for the Columns to Display
      7. Search in JIRA using project = DEMO and compare the results

      Expected Results

      The value should be showing correctly in Confluence as it is already in JIRA.

      Actual Results

      The Σ Remaining Estimate values are missing.

      Additional Information

      Last reproduced on Confluence 6.15.6 and JIRA 8.2.4.
      Issue can be seen on the following column as well:

      • Σ Original Estimate
      • Σ Time Spent

      Screenshots of JIRA, Confluence, and XML data from JIRA search


      No workaround.

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