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Generated images don't get exported to Word



      Images that are generated (as opposed to those attached to a page) don't get exported to Word. This affects both bundled and third party plugins, such as Gliffy.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • create a page that contains chart plugin
      • view it and ensure that you see the produced chart
      • export this page to word
      • notice that the exported document doesn't show the image (chart)


      One: Save the Generated Image as an attachment
      1. Save the generated image to your computer
      2. Attach the image you saved to the page
      3. Insert the image using the editor
      4. Export the page to Word

      Using a static image in this fashion will allow you to export to Word; however the images will not automatically update (as they won't be generated any more). If your export is only a once-off, you can restore the previous version of the page to restore the dynamically generated image.

      Two: Export as PDF, and then convert to Word

      You can also export the file as a PDF, and then use Adobe Acrobat (the full version of Acrobat Reader) to convert the file back to a Microsoft Word compatbile format.

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