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cannot edit wiki page using desktop version on ipad (any browser)


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      We are looking at going to tablet only work stations. However, the mobile version of your wiki doesn't support what we need to do and even the desktop version on the iPad (tested in both safari and chrome) won't allow people simple and complete markup access. Saw on the forum the same problem previously reported but the mobile version wouldn't even let me leave a comment!

      This bug may keep us from continuing to use this wiki solution. Please help.

      Here's the comment. I noticed it wasn't addressed by Atlassian on the forum either:

      Justin Kelly
      seriously Scott Farquhar [Atlassian] Mike Cannon-Brookes lack of a sane mobile interface is really hurting our drive to implement confluence in our organisation (few thousand employees). on the 'desktop' we love it but on mobile everyone is just laughing at it

      its a wiki - i just want to view and edit pages - like the normal desktop site

      everything described in the above page is not what we want/need in a mobile wiki

      i don't care about social stuff, or blogs, or most popular - our people just want to view and edit their wikis!!!

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