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Curly braces can break macros in WYSIWYG Editor




      If you put curly braces (e.g. "{}") in macro string parameters, the macro is likely to break in the WYSIWYG editor, but it will work on the final page. If you escape the curly braces like


      it will work in WYSIWYG, but show a wrong result on the real page

      What will break?

      • If it's a macro with macro body, the preview will lose it's icon and it's description text (name and selected parameters).
      • If it's a macro without a body, the preview gets stuck loading with all controls like "save" or "preview" disabled.

      How to reproduce

      1. Edit a page with WYSIWYG Editor
      2. Add a macro (panel macro for "macro with body" or gallery macro for "macro without body")
      3. Edit the added macro in Macro Browser
      4. Enter some text with curly braces into a string property field
        • e.g. use the text test{ - opening curly brackets are more likely to break everything
        • for the panel macro you can add the text to the param "title"
        • for the gallery macro you can add the text to the param "title", too
      5. Hit the Macro Browser's save button.
      6. Look at the macro in the WYSIWYG Editor
        • the panel macro won't have an icon or text anymore, the bar at the top will be blank
        • the gallery macro got stuck loading, blocking the "save" and "cancel" controls


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