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Improve usability of Confluence for the visually impaired



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      A review of Confluence has been completed by experts at UC Berkley regarding accessibility to Confluence for the visually impaired. Please see the attached word document which summarizes the findings of said report. Included are the following recommendations but please see the document for more details.

      • Text editor: since text editor is inherently broken and unusable by a screen reader user, the text editor should be completely overhauled and/or replaced with an accessible alternative.
      • For dynamic content: ARIA (Accessible-Rich Internet Applications) alert to indicate to user that the content has been dynamically changed.
      • For semantic structure (headings): all pages should be reviewed to ensure that no heading levels have been skipped. Specifically, on search results page, search results should be h2 instead of h3.
      • All images should have appropriate alt tags.
      • Developer should use ARIA landmarks to help screen reader users identify main content and navigation regions on pages.
      • Alt text of images should be searchable as this is what the image will be called when a screen reader is used


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