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Can't create page based on template through undefined-page link



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Note to Atlassians: PLEASE do not change the text here to leave out vital detail, it clearly causes confusion among your own staff!...

      When editing a page and creating a link to what should become a new page you no longer get the choice to create that page from a template.

      This was possible in the old editor.

      (Insert link to Create Page)

      NOTE: This is a clone of CONF-23884, which you claim to have solved with the Create from Template Macro but that macro has nothing to do with this issue. It doesn't even come close to cover it or providing a workaround.

      The workflow requested here is what you could do in 3.X.

      1. Edit Page
      2. Type: [somelink
      3. Select "Insert link to create page"
      4. Save
      5. Click link
      6. Here I would like to be able to select a template!

      Since the link is already treated in a special way linking to e.g.:


      I think this could be solved very easy by rendering a dropdown with the same to options as you have under "Add"...
      The other link being:


      So instead of rendering the following:

      <a class="createlink" href="/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=x&amp;title=Link+Here&amp;linkCreation=true&amp;fromPageId=12820509">Link Here</a> 

      you could maybe render something like:

      <div onclick="$(this).children('div').toggle()" 
           style="display: inline-block; width: auto; position: relative;"> 
          Link Here that is very very very long long long 
          <div style="position: absolute; background: #ddd; display: none; width: 100%;"> 
              <a style="display:block" 
                  Create Blank Page 
              <a style="display:block" 
                  Create from Template 

      The onclick is just an example of how it could be under jQuery, obviously the formatting is ugly here, but it shows that it could properly be done fairly simple...

      The "createpage-choosetemplate.action" with title works.

      Or HELL!!!.... Just render:

      <a class="createlink" href="/pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=x&amp;title=Link+Here&amp;linkCreation=true&amp;fromPageId=12820509">Link Here</a> 
      <a class="createlink" href="/pages/createpage-choosetemplate.action?spaceKey=x&amp;title=Link+Here&amp;linkCreation=true&amp;fromPageId=12820509">[Select Template]</a> 

      The important thing is:

      • You get to choose the template when you choose to create the page, rather than being dictated by the one inserting a macro.
      • The link turns into a real page link after and can no longer be used to create additional new pages


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