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Save new page from template via API



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      we need to implement this basic use case:

      • check if a page exists (URL check)
      • if page doesn't exist, create it using a template - we don't care what is returned as long it's a 200 HTTP response and we know that the next request will work.
      • check if the page exists - not it should return 200

      We already had this implemented for Confluence 3.x but now we are trying to migrate to 5.x and this is a blocker. Our users do rely on having the pages created and populated with template data.

      Do be clear, for a few specific Jira projects we do want to have a wiki page for each issue. We already have jQuery code that is checking if the page already exists and links it to the jira issue, and if it doesn't exist it can try to create the page. Now there are some problems with this because it seems than with Confluence 4/5 there is not HTTP call that you can make to create a wiki page from a template.


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