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      • Prior to Confluence 4.x we could e-mail pages to the team or outside of the team.
      • Share does not replace the e-mail page functionality. It just sends a pretty e-mail that contains a basic hyperlink. The problem with this is that the important information that is in the Confluence page does not appear in the body of the e-mail and the Share sender cannot guarantee that the people reading the e-mail will actually click on the link.
        • Use case example #1: I'm trying to transition my RnD/Tools Engineers off of using Microsoft Outlook to communicate important info. during our tool roll outs. Instead, I want them to use the Confluence Blog feature to communicate this sort of info. because it preserves the info. and becomes a reference resource for the short/long term. However, my RnD/Tools Engineers refuse to use Confluence Blog + Share because it does not guarantee that the artists on the floor will actually see or read the important information they are communicating. I agree with them that this isn't a problem with our communication workflow, but a limitation of the Confluence software.
        • Use case example #2: Our IS Engineering team would also like to be able to e-mail full Confluence pages via the web interface. They document hardware deployments and handling procedures in Confluence. However, not all of their team members have access to Confluence when accessing e-mail remotely. Sending a link to the Confluence page isn't enough in this case, and our IS Engineers end up manually copying and pasting page content into their e-mails. Allowing them to send full pages from the Confluence web interface would smooth out this workflow.
      • This is a roadblock for Confluence adoption.
      • To transition my team members off of using Microsoft Outlook for communicating important info. team-wide, we need this functionality.


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