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Make space admins discoverable to a user



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      I just hit this issue a few mins ago:

      1. Need to delete a page on the integration space
      2. Realised I don't have access
      3. So I need to contact space admin... so I ask Shihab, thinking he is space admin .. and he isn't... so I ask around - a few people don't know who is...
      4. My solution: Have to talk to IT and ask them to tell me who is admin, then I sort my problem out.

      Customers have solved this manually by:

      1. Creating a page that actas like a "space directory"
      2. For every space, they manually use the User List Macro to render all the users in the respective space-admin group.

      Goal: Make it easy to discover who the space admins are for a space

      This is the exact same model as the JIRA project listing - you can see who the admin is (And contact them manually) if you have an issue. To do this, we should:

      • Add a "Space Administrator(s)" column to the space directory that lists the names of users (we can set a hard-limit to the number and do a ... if there are heaps.
      • In Browse > Advanced also add the space admins here with the other space metadata.


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