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Importing from Word document with images should not generate notifications for each images



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Importing Word document with images into Confluence page will generate notifications for each of the images which causing users being spammed with emails.

      Only one notification is expected for the one Word document.


      You can disable a system add-on that sends notifications on attachment uploads to pages to work around this, but it will disable uploads of any attachments to any pages, not just on Word imports.

      The following steps will disable the specific modules that send this notification:

      1. Go to -> Add-ons -> All add-ons (from the drop-down)
      2. Look for Confluence File Notifications and expand it
      3. Open the modules of the add-on
      4. Disable file-content-update-notification & file-content-delete-notification

      You won't get any notifications of attachment events anymore until this module is re-enabled.

      On the version 5.10.x or later, the module name is changed to:

      • file-content-update-notification
      • file-content-remove-notification

      And disabling these 2 modules will not have any impact on the attachment upload functionality.


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