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delete backups older than X days



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Problem Definition

      Confluence generates daily XML backups, which fill up disk space in the <confluence-home> backups folder. Left unchecked, this can grow and become large with outdated backup information.

      Suggested Solution

      Implement functionality that has Confluence auto-delete older backup files.

      h3 Workarounds

      Workaround 1: Use production backup strategy (recommended)

      As the XML backup can become less efficient as the content grows, Atlassian does not recommend using the XML backup for production disaster recovery. Instead, you can create a more complete, efficient backup using the recommended Production Backup Strategy.

      Workaround 2: Use Java's date format

      You can use a date format in the filename to name the file with the day of the week, month or year, so when Confluence tries to do this again, it is overwritten the next time Confluence needs to use the file name (e.g. "backup-Fri.zip" will be overwritten on Friday each week):

      1. Go to > General Configuration > Backup Administration
      2. Click Edit
      3. Replace the information in the Backup File Date Pattern with a single letter:
        • Overwrite after a week: E
        • Overwrite after a month: d
        • Overwrite after a year: D
      4. Click Submit

      As this is not a native feature of Confluence, any issues caused by this workaround may fall outside the scope of Atlssian Support Offerings. Be sure to test and validate this change in a test instance before applying to production.


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