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Word/Powerpoint text box and autoshapes support still lacking from Office connector page rendering in Confluence 3.1



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Congratulations on delivering a wonderful improvement to the Office connector plugin with Confluence 3.1. I really enjoy the new features and no bugs yet

      However, on the Word/Powerpoint page rendering one issue that still makes life difficult is the incomplete rendering/display support for Word/Powerpoint documents containing Text Boxes.

      In 1.6 it shows the text within the boxes at least but its mostly all left justified and there are no box outlines, or Word autoshapes or graphic objects such as box join lines or arrows displayed.

      Above: think a flowchart done in Word with text boxes and arrows - thats what I'm trying to display in rendered in a Confluence page.

      I know the above can be done in Gliffy or embedded as a JPG in the word doc but we have 1000's of Word and Powerpoint documents containing text box content and converting them will take a long time, and in some cases such as ISO 9000 documents we always want to store everything in the Word document since there is (as yet, hint, hint!) no way to export pages from Confluence (e.g. PDF export) with headers, footers, proper pagination, etc suitable for such "controlled" documents.

      This missing Word/Powerpoint text box support from the Office connector is restricting further application of Confluence in our business. Please consider this feature request ASAP.


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