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      Atlassian Update – 19 December 2023

      Hi everyone,

      This is Jacqui from the Confluence team. Thank you for your patience with this suggestion. We've heard that the ability to bulk delete attachments is important to you and we're excited to share that you'll soon be able select and delete attachments in bulk for a page or blog post. This functionality will be released very soon. Please look out for it in the Confluence Release Notes, and continue to watch this ticket for further updates.

      Kind regards,

      Jacqueline Bietz

      Confluence Data Center


      Is there a tool that I can use to bulk delete attachments on a page?

      If there are many attachments to be removed, it can become painful to remove them one by one.


      Retention rules were shipped as part of the Confluence Data Center 7.16 release. These allow you to set retention rules to specify how long to keep historical versions of attachments. You tell Confluence how much historical data you want to keep (by the number or age of the versions), and then a scheduled job will delete the excess, in small batches, so as not to impact your site's performance. While this doesn't specifically help to manually bulk delete attachments, it does help you automate the removal of attachments that are no longer utilised in your instance.

      You can learn more about using retention rules to delete unwanted data by reading our documentation. You can also learn about identifying particularly large attachments in a space by following the guidance in this documentation.

      Please upgrade to the Confluence Data Center 7.16+ to access retention rules.

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