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Address frequency of cluster panic errors




      Updated description
      The 'database is being updated' cluster panic messages frequency have increased in frequency. The problem seems to be associated specifically to 3.0.1. It doesn't seem to be the result of the usual suspects.

      It might still make sense to separate out the types of cluster panics and address the error handling along with addressing what appears to be a bug.

      Old request
      The "Database is being updated by an instance which is not part of the current cluster" message is getting too convoluted. It's happening more often on non-clustered instances. The knowledge base article describes the situation.

      The request here would be to handle this problem a bit better.

      1. For network failures in a cluster, throw this error as expected.
      2. In a single-node distribution, disable the cluster safety mechanism.
        1. have different error handling around 2 nodes connecting to the database simultaneously.
        2. For an unresponsive database or hung application server, throw yet a third message. This may be unnecessary, as these situations tend to be deadlocks or Out Of Memory problems; perhaps it's a separate request altogether to be self-aware of performance problems during expensive garbage collection.


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