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Allow creation of another "confluence-administrators" group in Confluence with similar permissions as "confluence-administrators"


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      Use case reported by customer:

      We use an AD delegated directory and confluence-administrators group is defined in that directory since we have members that are from that group. automation is NOT in AD and therefore has to be in a different Crowd directory and therefore can no longer be in the confluence-administrators group. Instead, we had to define a confluence-administrators2 group for those other administrators. However, it will now have less authority.

      So, the request would be to define an enhancement to either Crowd or Confluence to enable this use case for people that migrate from direct Confluence user management. We really do need a non-AD based user that has all authority for automation.

      Having the feature of creating another group in Confluence with same permissions as "confluence-administrators" group, would help resolve this problem.

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