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Add support for wireless devices to view and contribute to Confluence content


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Enterprise Wiki software packages like Traction provide an easy-to-navigate user interface for mobile devices. Confluence does not.

      A few years ago, this might have been a "nice to have" feature, but as more workers are upgrading to Web browser-capable BlackBerry devices that give them access to e-mail notifications on updates to their watched Confluence pages or on responses to their Confluence comments, they want to be able to see those changes or respond back to those comments without having to be logged back into their computers.

      Confluence sites are visible via mobile device browsers, but they aren't very navigable, and they are nearly impossible to edit or comment on.

      The existing WAP plugin for Confluence is a start, but it's really unusable. Showing the first few words of a page and then bundling the rest up as a link to the wiki markup language source is not my idea of user-friendly.

      If Traction can provide a usable WAP interface to their Enterprise Wiki, I'm hoping we can, too.

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