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Make 'Notify watchers' box selected by default option available



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Product Team Message

      Quoting Sherif Mansour's comment:

      Hi Everyone,
      Thank you for your patience and feedback with this feature suggestion.

      We're pleased to announce in the next upcoming release of Confluence we will be resolving this issue. We've tried to avoid adding more settings to the product (we've already got plenty!) and our solution for this, which we are confident reaches the same outcome is that we will now remember your last preference for "Notify watchers". So once you've un-checked it, will remember that until preference on any page until you change it back (and visa versa).

      For Cloud customers, this will be available the next Confluence release. For Server customers we hope to deliver this to you in our next major version (Confluence 5.8) within the next couple of months.

      We are still determined to tackle the overarching problem around reducing the amount of email you receive in Confluence. This is in our long-term roadmap (we're exploring things like digest emails etc...) and will be continuing to make an effort to improve this in the future.

      We're grateful for such an engaged customer community, your awesome ideas and feedback.
      Cheers from the Confluence Team!

      it would be handy if 'minor change' box could be selected by default when available via a given page's edit tab.

      one possibility is to have this option available somewhere in a logged in user's preferences. alternatively, whilst editing, near the 'rich text' and 'wiki markup' tabs, there is a clickable 'make rich text default' or 'make wiki markup default' (which was very handy, by the way) – what if there was also a link by the 'minor change?' box to 'make minor change default'?

      i make many small pages to various pages, and more often than not, i perceive my changes as not necessary to send out notifications.

      This would include the request to provide the ability to disable the notify watcher globally.


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