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DrawIO linked diagrams will stop working after a migration




      Issue Summary

      When adding a DrawIO to Page A, for example, the app allows a user to add a diagram that exists in PageB. This means that Page A will show a diagram that is actually stored inside PageB. It is called a Linked Diagram.

      The link happens based on PageID. As PageIDs will change when migrating from Server to Cloud, the relationship is then broken, giving users the impression that DrawIO Diagrams (attachments) were not migrated over.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install DrawIO.
      2. Create a page, say Page A.
      3. Add a DrawIO diagram to it, let's name it as Diagram A.
      4. Save the page. Create a new page, say Page B.
      5. Add a DrawIo diagram to it. When adding it, use the universal search to search for Diagram A and link to it.
      6. Page B will now have Diagram A on it, which is inside Page A.
      7. Save the page.
      8. Migrate to Cloud.

      Expected Results

      Diagram A is still working on Page B.

      Actual Results

      Page B will show a message that says Diagram not Found where it should have showed Diagram A. This is because the backend is still pointing to Page A Server's ID. Example:

      <ac:parameter ac:name="diagramName">Diagram A</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="pageId">12345678</ac:parameter>


      Atlassian can update this information in the backend database if one knows which pages are broken and the title of the pages where the linked diagrams are sitting at.

      One could also access the broken pages and edit the DrawIO macro to re-create the link and update PageID accordingly in the backend.


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