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When a placeholder is selected and you start typing, causes the text to be typed backwards




      Issue Summary

      In the new editing experience, you can create new templates and insert a placeholder on the same, alongside another options.

      However, if you click twice on the placeholder or press tab, making the placeholder text to be selected, and starts typing, it causes the text to be typed backwards and the placeholder color stays (gray).

      It seems to be affecting only user created templates.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new template (it can be global or at a space level)
      2. Insert some placeholders and texts there
      3. Save the template
      4. Create a new page based on the template create
      5. Click twice on the placeholder to select it or press tab;
      6. Start typing

      Expected Results

      Text replaces the placeholder and it is on the right orientation.

      Actual Results

      The text is typed backwards and the placeholder isn't replaced with the text, it stays as a placeholder.


      Click on the placeholder, without selecting and start typing. It should erase the placeholder and the text to be typed normally on the page.
      If the bug has already triggered on the placeholder, select and delete it and start typing normally.




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