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Following the Confluence Wiki Markup documentation does not work for the New Editor (Fabric)


      Issue Summary

      If a user references to the Confluence Wiki Markup here Confluence Wiki Markup while using the New Editor (Fabric), results are not what is described within the documentation.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new page using the New Editor (Fabric)
      2. Try to insert Markup
      3. Try following the official documentation from Atlassian

      Expected Results

      The documentation is consistent and takes in consideration both environments available for Confluence Cloud.

      Actual Results

      The documentation works solely for the Legacy Editor (tinyMCE). The new editor is not mentioned within the page.


      Use the Legacy Editor (tinyMCE). This should be available for every customer. If it is not, the customer can request it, as explained here:
      Change to your content is in your hands

      Suggested Resolution

      Update Atlassian offical document to reflect the existence of our New Editor (Fabric) and how the presented features are reflected in it. According to this request, markup is not available in the New Editor (Fabric):

      Support Wiki Markup for the new editor

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