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Create Link to Specific PDF Page In Preview



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      As a user I want to be able to create links to specific pages in a PDF file.

      Problem Definition

      Users are unable to add a link to PDF preview that shows the document directly in the referenced page. When attaching a preview, no matter how, users are always redirected to the first page of the document.

      Suggested Resolution

      Allow users to create links to specific pages of a PDF document, almost like a summary in a document. Clicking this link, the user will open preview mode directly in the referenced page.

      Why This Is Important

      When dealing with big documents sharing what is within them becomes a hassle because users will always start reading the document from the start.


      To implement something similar in a Confluence page, you could do the following:
      1 - Access the desired page with the PDF attached to it
      2 - Go to the Attachment Section (Little clip ot the right side of the padlock at the top of the page)
      3 - Click view in the desired attachment
      4 - Navigate to the desired page, the one you want to link
      5 - Right click and select Copy image address
      6 - Go back to the page and edit it
      7 - Paste the link you just copied
      8 - Save the page
      **Optional - Edit the pasted link name to match a desired specification
      Now, the link you pasted to the page will lead to the specified page. But, the limitations I spoke about earlier are

      • You can not navigate the entire document directly from that preview
      • When clicked, the page will open straight to the current tab, users must ctrl+click or right click and select open in another tab


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