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Copying a page with the Legacy editor will not allow its title (and additional fields) to be edited in Chrome and Safari




      Issue Summary

      If a user copies a page using the Legacy editor, certain fields like the title, share/invite to edit and macro browser will not recognize keyboard inputs while in the edit mode of the copy.

      Steps to Reproduce

      These steps must be performed with Google Chrome and Safari.

      1. Create a Confluence page. It must be in the Legacy editor.
      2. Use the Copy function on this page. The copy must be in the Legacy editor.
      3. Try to insert text to its title, the field to invite someone to edit, or, in the Search field of the macro browser (displayed after tapping Other macros)

      Expected Results

      The user should be able to add text to these fields.

      Actual Results

      Nothing is inserted. The fields do not recognize the keyboard input.

      Additional details:

      1. The following video has been recorded to demonstrate the phenomenon:
      2. This will not happen in Firefox. The copy process will take a few additional seconds (and sometimes, have a glimpse of an error message), but, it will allow the content to be added.
      3. This does not happen in the new editor.
      4. The user can copy and paste the content into the fields.
      5. In some cases, nothing happens when a user tries to click Save/Publish the copied page


      Different options can help as a workaround:

      • Refresh the page while in the edit mode.
      • Publish the copy and edit it again. This will allow the fields to be edited.
      • Use Firefox to create the copy.
      • Copy and paste the text into the fields.


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