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Code snippet lacks crucial functionality existing in previous code macro


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      We regularly put command outputs or examples in the code macro and set it collapsible so that the reading flow is not interrupted by it, but the new code snippet has no option for this.

      With the new code snippet, you can only set the language, while in the older code macro you could also control the line numbering, theme and set it collapsible.

      Allowing to set the title is important in relation with the collapsible feature as it makes it more clear what the code block was about without having to expand it.

      Controlling line numbers is useful when you put in clear text or commands itself, for which you often don't want to show line numbers. In other cases you do want to show the line numbers but control the starting number. For instance when it is part of a larger block of code.

      Themes are used by us to differentiate between  output extracts (using a dark background to mimic a console screen) and examples of commands that must be used or plain text (using a white background).
      While perhaps less important than the collapse feature, it was something that was available and actively used, and I don't understand why this general dumbing down and taking away control from the users was done.

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