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Enable copy/paste buttons for tables in the new editor



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      Update as of 16 Nov 2022

      Hi all, Ethan here from the Atlassian Platform Editor team, responsible for the rich-text editor supporting Confluence, and the wider suite of Atlassian cloud products. I wanted to share that though there are no longer dedicated buttons for these operations, copying, cutting, and pasting rows/columns, is all still very much possible in the 'new' editor. See the attached recording to see how this can be achieved using the keyboard shortcuts (which will vary depending on your operating system):

      • Copy: Cmd/Ctrl + C
      • Cut: Cmd/Ctrl + X
      • Paste: Cmd/Ctrl + V

      Screen Recording 2022-11-16 at 9.42.41 pm.mov

      If you are still encountering issues with copying, cutting, and/or pasting table rows and columns, my team and I would be very keen to better understand opportunities to improve this experience for you. You can book a meeting using my calendly link https://calendly.com/eyew/30min or email me at eyew@atlassian.com 

      Thanks all and stay safe,

      Problem Definition

      In the old editor, while editing a table, the users were able to copy/cut/paste rows and columns by clicking on the buttons available.

      In the new editor, there are no buttons for these actions and the only way to copy/cut/paste the rows and columns is by using keyboard shortcuts.

      Please see the attachments for reference: the screenshot for the new editor and the recording for the old editor.

      Suggested Solution

      Add the same buttons/functionality to the new editor.


      Use the cmd/ctrl+c/x/v commands from keyboard.


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