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      Status Update 14 Nov 2022

      Hi all,

      Ethan here from the Atlassian Editor team, responsible for the rich-text editor supporting Confluence, and the wider Atlassian product suite. I am updating the status of this feature request to more accurately reflect the team’s current priorities. The previous status was misleading, and this feature request was no longer on our short-term roadmap. We’ve had to make tough trade-offs in order to prioritise other impactful initiatives. 

      I know this isn’t the news you were hoping for, this ticket will remain on our radar for future consideration. We will continue to track demand for this feature in the form of votes/watchers relative to other tickets, among other channels we monitor for feedback.

      Thanks and stay safe,


      Currently, both editor versions have a determined number of text colors. It would be nice to have an option to insert custom colors on the editor, so the user could set the color as he/she wishes.

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