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Cannot embed Team Calendars with Team Calendars macro




      Issue Summary

      When calling the Team Calendars macro, besides it doesn't auto populate the search results (CONFCLOUD-65260 - Team calendar macro on the new editor doesn't auto-populate in search), it doesn't find the calendar and it is not possible to insert the calendar in the page.


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have the Team Calendars up and running on your instance;
      2. Create a calendar 'Banana', as an example;
      3. Add a random event called 'Banana Event', just to have something populated on it;
      4. Create a new page (it can be on the same space as the calendar);
      5. Call the /team calendars macro and manually type the full calendar name;
      6. Insert the macro and publish the page.

      Expected Results

      The calendar gets embedded on the page, showing all of its events (the Banana Event).

      Actual Results

      A blank calendar is shown OR the macro just keeps loading (in case you typed the calendar name wrong)


      As a workaround, it has been confirmed that that the user can paste the calendar ID on the calendar field (for example, 2307a1bb-a01b-4b23-a470-5783d8b8e29b):

      1. Select 'Calendars', locate the calendar you wish to embed into a page, select "Embed" from the calendars context menu, and copy the URL provided
      2. On the URL, make sure to only copy the ID (in our example, 2307a1bb-a01b-4b23-a470-5783d8b8e29b)
      3. Open a page and include the  "team calendars" macro
      4. Paste the ID on the "Calendar" field
      5. Tap the preview button and then, save the configuration.

      Once the calendar is added to the Page using the Workaround, each time after editing the page calendar keeps Spinning, refreshing the page resolves the issue.


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