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Keep the HTML Comment Macro



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      Per https://confluence.atlassian.com/confcloud/we-re-cleaning-up-the-macro-browser-946028471.html, the HTML Comment macro is going to be removed, with the following proposed alternate approach:

      "If you want to leave a comment on a page that isn't visible to your readers, you can do this by making the text white. Alternatively, add a change comment when you publish your page."

      We routinely use the HTML Comment macro to add usage instructions and variable defaults to our page templates; this allows us to insert more complex directions than what your current template editor allows. The proposed alternate would not meet our needs and would impact multiple teams and how they interact with Confluence.

      We need one of the following:

      • Keep the HTML Comment macro
      • Some kind of alternate option for presenting complex content (including macros that can be copy/pasted) to a user when they're editing a page but that is not visible when viewing the published page
      • A broad expansion in the ability to use variables and input fields when creating a new page so that I don't have to rely on the HTML Comment macro to present users with a list of stock options when creating a new page


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