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Copying a page with the Excerpt Include macro breaks it if having specific characters




      Issue Summary

      In Confluence Cloud, if the user is using the Excerpt Include macro in order to retrieve content from a page that has specific characters (like ":"), the same will display the following result on the copy:

      "Error rendering macro 'excerpt-include': No link could be created for 'specific page: specific character"

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In Confluence, make sure to create a new page and use the Excerpt macro in order to include content to be retrieved on the next page. This page must have characters like ":" in which is what has been used for the test.
      2. Create a second page and use the Excerpt Include macro in order to point to the first page.
      3. Use the Copy function for the second page and save the newly created page from this copy

      Expected Results

      The copy should be properly displaying the Excerpt Include content.

      Actual Results

      Instead of having the content, the message below is displayed:
      "Error rendering macro 'excerpt-include': No link could be created for 'specific page: specific character"


      • A video has been recorded with the steps to reproduce. The excerpt video can be found on the attachments of this request.
      • This seems to be happening with copied pages because the same remove the space key from the macro parameter, hence, making the macro to not identify it.
      • Simply tapping on the excerpt include macro in order to edit and then, searching for the page will automatically adjust it.
      • Pages without specific characters are not affected once the same does not use a space key as a reference.


      • Instead of using the Copy function, try to manually copy the content with the excerpt to a new page.
      • Change the tile of the pages using the affected character


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